For Britain’s links to racial separatist group Generation Identity

Simon Murdoch reports on how the anti-Muslim party continues to have links to Generation Identity (GI), which received funding from the Christchurch killer.

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EXPOSED: For Britain and the “White Genocide” Conspiracy Theory

Anne Marie Waters, head of the anti-Muslim For Britain Movement, continues to insist that her party is not “far right”, despite the fact that we…

18/04/2019 - David Lawrence
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EXCLUSIVE: For Britain’s extreme policy plans leaked

The anti-Muslim far-right party For Britain is set to launch a new manifesto at its conference this Sunday, which will constitute its “initial offer to…

21/09/2018 - Right Response Team
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For Britain Conference: Hate, a Holocaust Denier and Katie Hopkins

The reporter and former reality TV star Katie Hopkins is set to grace the stage this weekend at the conference of The For Britain Movement,…

20/09/2018 - Right Response Team
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