Selected Research Reports and Investigations


QAnon in the UK: The Growth of a Movement 


Loss on the Terraces: Football, Towns and Local Identity

Understanding Community Resilience in our Towns


Minority communities in a time of covid and protest


The impact of coronavirus on black, asian and minority communities

Young People in the time of Covid-19: A fear and hope study of 16-24 year olds

Patriotic Alternative: Uniting the Fascist Right? 


Bitchute: Platforming Hate and Terror in the UK


Coronavirus: the first three months


Heroes of The Resistance: Commemorating All Those Who Resisted The Nazis In World War Two


Heroes of the Resistance tells the stories of those who resisted Nazi Germany and its collaborators across Europe in the Second World War.

Keep Talking: The Conspiracy Theory Group Uniting The Far Left and Far Right


Through an infiltration this report gives a look at the inside of the most active conspiracy theory group in London.

State of Hate 2020


State of Hate outlines the trends, major events and important activists in the British far right over the past year. 2020’s report looks closer at the role of conspiracy theories and far-right terrorism.

Trust No One: Understanding the Drivers of Conspiracy Theory Belief


In the wake of the pandemic, this report makes use of extensive polling to examine the drivers of conspiracy theory thinking and the role of the people that spread them.

Fear, Hate and Lies in the Wake of the Pandemic


A special edition of HOPE not hate’s magazine examines the spread of conspiracy theories during the pandemic and how the far-right has exploited it.


Extreme Weather, Extreme Denial, Extreme Politics 

A special edition of HOPE not hate’s magazine dedicated to exposing the threat of climate change, those that deny it and how it relates to far-right ideas.

From Banners To Bullets: The International Identitarian Movement


The international Identitarian movement is influential in a range of groups and organisations across Europe and the US. This report looks at this network and its extreme message. An infiltrator gives deep insight into the day to day operations of GI UK.

The Plot To Murder and MP: National Action 

Robbie Mullen was working for HOPE not hate from inside nazi terror group National Action. This report tells the story of how we foiled a plot to kill an MP and the clear gaps that exist in the policing of terror groups in the UK.

The Brexit Party Exposed


HOPE not hate examines the new Brexit Party, its candidates and ties to more extreme ideas and groups.

The Alt-Right: An Explainer


A short introduction to the alt-right, an umbrella movement that draws its ideas as well as tactics from both well-known and more obscure sources.

Deepening Divides: How to Resolve the Brexit Deadlock


Drawing on extensive polling and focus groups the report gives important insights into division in the wake of the Brexit referendum and how the government’s approach to the process of leaving has deepened those divisions.

How To Beat The Brexit Party


Nigel Farage has attempted to rebrand but this report shows how his new party and its leadership remains dangerous and divisive. 

Fear And Hope 2019: How Brexit Is Changing Who We Are 


Fear and HOPE is our on-going analysis of British society and the attitudes of its citizens. Based on extensive polling it explores how Brexit, and the prolonged exit process, has affected the UK.

State of Hate 2019


State of Hate outlines the trends, major events and important activists in the British far-right over the past year. 2019’s report looks closer at mistrust in political representatives, the far-right threat online and central figure Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.


State of Hate 2018


State of Hate outlines the trends, major events and important activists in the British far-right over the past year. 2018’s report uncovers a growing threat from far-right terrorism.

The National Conversation on Immigration: Final Report 


The National Conversation on Immigration is the biggest-ever public consultation on immigration and integration.

Britain Divided: Rivers of Blood 50 Years On 


Fifty years on from the Rivers of Blood speech, Enoch Powell’s dire predictions of societal collapse have not materialised. But anxieties around immigration and integration continue to cause concern for many.

The International Islamophobia Scene

Mapping the anti-Muslim movement, the report profiles hundreds of Islamophobic individuals and organisations from across the globe.

Hosting Hate


Examining the use of Cloudflare by the far right we find that extreme content, including the website of a banned terrorist group, is accessible via hardware based in the UK thanks to the internet giant.

Turning The Page On Hate


The investigation found large quantities of extreme hate content being sold by the major book sellers Waterstones, Foyles, WHSmith and Amazon. Including literature that has inspired terrorism.

A New Threat?: Generation Identity United Kingdom and Ireland


A new far-right threat has emerged in the UK and Ireland. Generation Identity is the domestic branch of an expanding far-right network, active in 13 countries across Europe and now in North America.

Fear, Hope and Loss: Understanding the Drivers of Hope and Hate


Fear and HOPE is our on-going analysis of British society and the attitudes of its citizens. This report sets out to understand the drivers of fear and hate in England, and where data is available, in Wales and Scotland.

National Conversation on Immigration: An Interim Report to the Home Affairs Committee


An interim report to the Home Affairs Committee. The National Conversation on Immigration is the biggest-ever public consultation on immigration and integration.

Rewriting History: Lying, Denying and Revising the Holocaust 

Rewriting History provides an accessible but comprehensive exploration of what Holocaust denial is and the various ways people and organisations have tried to revise the facts of the Holocaust.


Fear and Hope 2017

The International Alternative Right: An Explainer


A brief version of HOPE not hate’s in-depth report covering the rise and the danger of the increasingly important alternative right.

Crisis In the Mediternean: Against Defend Europe 

Our coverage of a potentially deadly far-right campaign to stop migrants crossing the mediterranean.

Bots, Fake News and The Anti-Muslim Message On Social Media

Using social media data, we show how the 2017 terror attacks in the UK have been exploited by anti-Muslim activists to increase their reach and grow their audiences.

Going Mainstream: The Mainstreaming of Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Europe and North America


With the election of Donald Trump organised anti-Muslim activists have an ally in the White House. This report traces the journey ‘counterjihad’ movement from a marginal and ignored position into the White House and the parliamentary chambers of Europe.

Breitbart: A Rightwing Plot To Shape Europe’s Future


This report outlines the history and tactics used by Breitbart. A news site and a political project, with a political agenda closely aligned with anti-Muslim groups.


Fear and Hope 2016 



A Nation Divided: US Election Special Report


A HOPE not hate US election special for the 2016 Presidential election.

The Fascists Who Want To Buy and Sell Hungary 


Matthew Collins and László Balko reports from Budapest where a group of British far-right figures makes preparations to set up a long-term presence. 

Pegida UK 


Joe Mulhall reports on the Pegida rally in Birmingham in February 2016. Despite attempts to co-ordinate anti-Muslim demonstrations across Europe, Tommy Robinson’s Pegida experiment was a flop.

The Battle of Cable Street: 80 Years On


80 years after the Battle of Cable Street, HOPE not hate brings this resource to inform of a significant historical event and hope to demonstrate some timeless lessons that can be learnt from it.


Life on the Run From The Islamic State 


HOPE not hate’s Joe Mulhall visited Iraqi Kurdistan in December 2014, witnessing the fate of those forced to flee their homes by Islamic State.

Anjem Choudary: Islamic State Ambassador-at-Large 


This special report reveals how Anjem Choudary became an ambassador-at-large for the Islamic State and how his network became the single largest jihadist recruiting network in Western Europe in the second half of 2014.

Britain First: Army of the Far Right


Combining the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the BNP with the hostility to Islam of the EDL, Britain First is attracting supporters both by its direct action and stunts. 


Gateway to Terror: Anjem Choudary and the Al-Muhajiroun Network


The al-Muhajiroun network, in its various guises, remains the largest and single most important radical Islamist group in the UK. It continues to attract hundreds of followers around the country.


Fear and Hope 2011


The first of HNH’s groundbreaking segmentation studies, was launched in 2011, when British society was still deeply traumatised by the economic crash and the beginning of austerity.