Let’s choke off their funding

Take action to stop the BNP getting €400,000

In just two weeks’ time the European Parliament will be allocating money to pan-European political parties and their associated think-tanks to assist them with their work. The Alliance of European National Movements (AENM), made up of fascist and racist MEPs from the UK, France, Hungary and Bulgaria, is asking for money. Scandalously it appears that EU’s Secretary General is recommending that they get some.

The idea of Nick Griffin and his fascist friends at Jobbik receiving as much as €400,000 of taxpayer’s money to fund their racist campaigns is disgusting. But with your help we can stop it.

Let’s choke off their funding. Get your MEP to act

6275 people have taken this action

Target 6,000

11.18 UPDATE: After only an hour we've hit our target of 500, we're upping it to 1,000, sorry if the page has been slow to load we've had a lot of hits!

11.45 UPDATE: Incredible, we've had to lift our target to 2,000!

23.01.2013, UPDATE: We're increasing the target again to 6,000! All Labour and Green MEPs and most Lib Dem MEPs have now signed the petition so they will not be listed. But do please keep sending to those MEPs who have not.

25.01.2013, UPDATE

Stage One completed

HOPE not hate is closing this email campaign as it has achieved it's initial target of encouraging UK MEPs to sign petition to get the EU President to apply Rule 210 to the funding of the AENM, which includes the BNP and Jobbik. This rule withholds funding to any political grouping which fails to meet EU values about equality, human rights and respect for minority groups.

As of last night we were just a few short of the 189 MEPs we needed, but with some MEPs promising to sign we are confident that we will reach out target either today or on Monday.

We would like to thank everyone who lobbied their MEPs. In total 6,275 people sent a total of 31,623 emails. That really is fantastic and shows the strength of feeling over the issue.

We have passed the first stage but there is still more to do. The EU President and the EU Bureau need to agree that the AENM fail to meet the criteria for funding and then there is a vote of the full Parliament.

Victory is still some way off but we are on our way thanks to you. HOPE not hate is preparing a briefing on AENM which will show its extremist nature and why it fails to meet the EU's new funding rules. A copy will be sent to every MEP as part of a wider lobbying initiative ahead of a vote.

Later today HOPE not hate will be releasing more details of how people can help us block funding for the BNP but until then thanks again for all your support.