GE 2019: Failure for Farage, Boost for Boris

28 weeks after triumph at the European elections, in which it received a 31.6% vote share, Nigel Farage’s party has crashed back down to earth,…

13/12/2019 - Right Response Team
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EXPOSED: Brexit Party candidate James Edward Buckley is Far-Right Activist and Antisemite

Buckley, also known as Jim Edward, has attended a number of far-right events and rallies over the past two years, including meetings of the anti-Muslim…

11/12/2019 - Right Response Team
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Organisers Exposed: The Dangerous People That Prop Up Richard Tice & Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party

Since the election was called, HOPE not hate have been working hard to uncover the sinister pasts of their candidates. We’ve found racism, Islamophobia and…

10/12/2019 - Right Response Team
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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage looking angry whilst giving a speech
EXPOSED: Farage’s Appearances on Antisemitic Hate Preacher’s Conspiracy Theory Show

HOPE not hate can reveal that Farage has appeared at least five times on TruNews, an American far-right broadcast headed by the apocalypse-obsessed pastor Rick…

09/12/2019 - Right Response Team
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