Best of the Worst: UKIP Local Candidates

Katie Fanning, Manchester Fanning is a member of UKIP’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), and is representing  the party in the Gorton & Abbey Hey…

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UKIP Euro Candidate’s Vile Racial Slur-Ridden Rant

Benjamin is best known for his online following as an anti-feminist YouTuber with a highly casual attitude towards hate speech. He also happens to be…

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The Far Right at the Local Elections

UKIP is fielding less than half its target of 3,000 candidates The party has collapsed in many former key areas For Britain have equalled or…

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Far right Brexit demo attracts fewer than expected

Activists from across the UK far right held a ‘Brexit Betrayal’ demonstration today, with a view to forcing the government to adopt a unilateral withdrawal…

09/12/2018 - Right Response Team
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