Down the alt-right rabbit hole … and out the other side

Caleb Cain was sucked into a world of alt-right beliefs by high-profile YouTubers, but soon found himself in over his head. After the Christchurch massacre, he sensationally ‘quit’ his former life – and now helps others do so.

16/09/2020 - Nick Ryan
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Hate, Lies & Conspiracy

British far-right extremists wasted no time in trying to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

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British Far-Right Seek to Reframe and Exploit The Killing of George Floyd

With America now entering its ninth day of protests following the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer, the whole world is watching…

03/06/2020 - Joe Mulhall
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Brain Force for Brits: Is Alex Jones Launching An InfoWars Copy in the UK?

Speaking on 5 March on the show of Alex Jones, the notorious US conspiracy theorist and founder of the InfoWars media outlet, long-time InfoWars contributor…

22/03/2019 - Right Response Team
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