Trade Union Friends of HOPE not hate

Unity is strength

Affiliate to Trade Union Friends of HOPE not hate to join with others in the fight against the far right in your workplace and community.

Trade unions are at the heart of the campaign and have a proud track record in standing up to the politics of hate promoted by the BNP and EDL, and now by UKIP. We do this because we care about the communities in which we work and the people who live within them.

Recent history has shown us where hate can lead, from the violent disturbances in Oldham in 2001 to physical abuse on the streets of Dudley in 2015.

We see these organisations’ dishonest blaming of minorities and immigrants for the world’s ills as a cowardly substitute for challenging those with real power to address the genuine problems which we deal with every day.

Trade union members appreciate that far right organisations are not just enemies of those they hate – they are enemies of all workers.

UKIP explicitly blames migrant workers for unemployment and low pay. It opposes workers’ rights, including equality legislation, health and safety and maternity support. It seeks to divide people in the workplace as well as in the community. We, on the other hand, will continue to represent all workers, irrespective of race or religion. That is, after all, what trade unionism is all about.

If your union organisation affiliates, it will receive our bi-monthly magazine with inside information on the far right in the UK and globally, news and analysis; all of our occasional publications; and access to training sessions on fighting racism and fascism in the workplace and on organising with the wider community.

Unless you tell us otherwise, all material will be sent to the name and address on your subscription form. Please let us know if you would like the magazine to be sent to a different contact name or a different address.

Please also let us know if we should send any email information to a different address, or to additional address(es).

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Defeat far-right candidates in your community.

UKIP might be down but there is still work to do to challenge the ideas of its former voters.

We're building a targeted campaign to win over UKIP's voters and ensure that it doesn’t get elected – anywhere.