To white people, on racism

HOPE not hate activist (and former member of our staff) Maatin Patel reflects on the significance of the protests against police violence taking place around…

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Coronavirus and the far right

As we are approaching the end of the ninth week of the lockdown the far right has started to turn their eyes towards other issues…

29/05/2020 - Right Response Team
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Coronavirus and the far right
COVID-19 & The Far Right: Weekly Round Up

In our seventh COVID-19 and the far right round up, we take a look at another round of small anti-lockdown protests, how anti-vaccine and anti-science…

22/05/2020 - Right Response Team
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Romani protest
Orbán enraged as Romani pupils strike a historic blow against racism in Hungary’s Supreme Court

Just days after Hungary’s highest court ruled that financial damages must be paid to Roma families for a decade of school segregation, Prime Minister Viktor…

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