EU on mute as Viktor Orbán installs the bloc’s first far-right elective dictatorship

Bernard Rorke on the latest horrifying developments in Budapest. Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán has just marked ten years in power with the most audacious assault…

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Ukrainian Government Minister accompanies C14 neo-Nazis inspecting Kyiv Railway Station for Roma.

By Jonathan Lee On March 11th the Ukrainian Minister for Infrastructure, Vladislav Kriklij, was pictured with members of the C14 neo-Nazi organisation and the Municipal…

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Sarah Owen MP
When we look back on this crisis it will be as a human one, not a Chinese one

Writing exclusively for HOPE not hate, Sarah Owen MP says it is time for leaders to take a stand against the rise in racism aimed…

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Coronavirus: the state of the nation
CORONAVIRUS POLLING: Brits are divided over the government’s Coronavirus response

The HOPE not hate Charitable Trust has published the first in a series of new polls on the Coronavirus crisis which uncovers a crisis of…

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