Spain marks civil war anniversary amid a resurgence in nationalism

Wednesday marked the anniversary of the outbreak of Spain’s Civil War. Eighty-two years on Spaniards are remembering the day brother was pitted against brother after…

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Austrian grandmothers against the extreme right

They are around 70 years old. They are characterized by their handmade wool hats and by their cries in favor of tolerance and against racism….

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BREAKING: HOPE not hate thwarts neo-nazi murder plot

Neo-nazi Jack Renshaw guilty of preparing an act of terrorism and making threats to kill, after HOPE not hate source exposed his plot. Christopher Lythgoe…

18/07/2018 - HOPE not hate
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The Many Shortcomings of Germany’s Neo-Nazi Terror Trial

In the end, after a five-year trial against Beate Zschäpe and supporters of the right-wing extremist terror cell known as the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU),…

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