Blackpool to host Holocaust haters

I don’t know what it is about Blackpool that attracts so many people from the British far right to go there, misbehave and leave. It’s…

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Far right round up

Well, it looks like the saga of who will lead the National Front (NF) into its next acrimonious split has been decided. Croydon’s Tony Martin…

17/09/2018 - Matthew Collins
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The National Conversation on Immigration

Immigration has remained one of the most salient and divisive issues for the public in recent years, and a factor in many voters’ decisions in…

17/09/2018 - Rosie Carter
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The Orbán verdict: now the People’s Party must now expel the far-right Fidesz

By Bernard Rorke In an unprecedented move, the European Parliament has voted to censure Hungary’s illiberal regime. The EPP now needs to expel Orbán’s far-right…

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