L’Oreal hijabi model pulls out after backlash over tweets

A headscarf wearing beauty blogger has pulled out of a L’Oreal campaign because of the “conversations surrounding it”. Her decision follows controversy over tweets she…

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Whatever Happened To…. Part VIII

Readers may recall serial liar, bullshit artist and Walter Mitty type, Tommy “the gun” Law. Law had convinced many in the British far right that…

23/01/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Tensions still high: renewed conflicts in Cottbus between locals and foreigners

Two knife attacks within a matter of days led Cottbus to stop taking in new asylum seekers last week. Over the weekend police had to…

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Viktor Orbán – Hate Merchant

Bernard Rorke analyses Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán’s increasingly toxic political vendettas Viktor Orbán’s latest government-sponsored anti-George Soros hate campaign in Hungary is a mendacious “public…

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