New Report: Alternative for Germany and far-right networks on Telegram and Facebook

As mainstream social media firms remove more far right actors from their platforms, many are looking for alternative channels. HOPE not hate’s Patrik Hermansson summarises…

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Far Right Round Up

Unable, seemingly (so they keep claiming in their begging letters) to register themselves as a proper political party, Britain First have been sunning themselves in…

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Campaigners in Batley and Spen
A defeat for the politics of division – but with a long battle ahead

Following the Batley & Spen by-election, Nick Lowles – who campaigned in the seat – reflects on the far right’s defeat, and the challenges that…

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Obituary: Peter Willis – a HOPE hero

HOPE not hate’s Nick Lowles pays tribute to former Daily Mirror editor, Peter Willis, who has died suddenly but championed the paper’s partnership with HOPE not hate.

30/06/2021 - Nick Lowles
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