Far Right Round Up

When is a fascist not a fascist? the answer is, when the fascists tell the free press they are not a fascist! Confused? You probably…

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Durham Cathedral
County Durham’s far-right councillor

A former BNP activist with vile far right views has been elected as a councillor in County Durham. Liron Velleman and David Lawrence report on…

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Islamophobia in the Conservative Party
Tory Islamophobia: Our Response To The Singh Investigation

Islamophobia in the Conservative Party runs much deeper than just a few case studies in the Singh report. HOPE not hate says the party must do much more to tackle deep-seated and institutional anti-Muslim prejudice.

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Offensive tweet by Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant’s racist tweet: my letter to the Tory chief whip

We’re calling for the immediate suspension of Conservative MP Michael Fabricant, over a racist tweet he posted about pro-Palestinian protesters.

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