It’s plain speaking from here

Voters say they want politicians who are straight-forward and honest with them, writes Rosie Carter. But that doesn’t mean they’ll like what they hear. Ask…

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Tory candidate repeatedly promoted views of far right activists

The Tory candidate for Lincoln should be suspended, writes Nick Lowles, afte HOPE not hate reveals he repeatedly promoted views of far right activists There’s…

24/11/2019 - Nick Lowles
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Ireland and its contradictory welcomes

The far right in recent Irish history has had little success in either street or electoral mobilization, write Thom Barry and Matthew Collins. How big…

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A packed House of Commons with MPs sitting on both sides of the bench
People vs Parliament Populism

Some parties want to set voters against elected politicians, writes Rosie Carter. But will it work, and what is the long-term effect. This election looks…

19/11/2019 - Rosie Carter
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