Brexit Briefing: Can Boris Find A Path?

In the run up to Britain’s scheduled exit from the European Union on 31 October, HOPE not hate is publishing a series of briefing papers…

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Panorama: Labour’s antisemitism shame

Nick Lowles reacts to Panorama: “Too many people have confused loyalty to a project and a person with loyalty to enduring values.” Tonight’s Panorama programme…

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Fleeing, begging and general flights of far-right fantasy

If you do social media, it’s unlikely you will have escaped the pained warbling’s of Tommyphiles these last few days. Yes, the Messiah and recidivist…

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BNP leadership election is all about the money

The British National Party (BNP) was once Britain’s largest and most successful fascist party. They were on the cusp of a lot of things- except…

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