Poland’s homophobia shame

The re-election of Polish president Andrzej Duda marks yet further discrimination and division against the LGBTQI community in Poland, says campaigner Magdalena Świder.

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Do you know who makes your trainers?
Do you know who made your trainers?

At the weekend, lots of us watched with amazement and disgust as the Chinese Ambassador to the UK watched, and then dismissed, footage of shackled…

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How Lennon and Golding link in with new ‘secret’ hooligan army

The far right in this country has an obsession with acting like secret armies. Thankfully few of them have actually ever bothered to join the…

13/07/2020 - Duncan Cahill
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Why We Back #StopHateForProfit

If the battle against the far right was waged at the ballot box in the 1990s and 2000s, and on the streets during the 2000s…

13/07/2020 - Nick Lowles
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