Politicians fear a Brexit backlash, but are they right?

Theresa May is the latest politician to warn that pausing or even attempting to reverse Brexit will cause a huge backlash. Others have said that…

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Far Right Round Up

The Booker Prize judges are no doubt on high alert awaiting publication of Eddie Stampton‘s autobiography. A Nazi Piece of Work will recall Unsteady Eddie’s…

07/12/2018 - Duncan Cahill
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Support the HOPE not hate Christmas appeal.
HOPE in schools: the 2018 Christmas appeal

When the video of a young Syrian school kid being wrestled to the ground started circulating on social media, people were shocked. The images were…

06/12/2018 - Nick Lowles
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Whatever happened to… Part X

It’s been a long while (well, about eleven months) since we have written about the adventures of faux UVF man Tommy Law. Law has been…

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