Far-right round up

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that he and his government are going to be tougher on violent criminals was obviously a week too late to…

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Gordon Brown
Boris Johnson’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit risks the break-up of the UK

A majority of Scots think that a ‘no-deal’ Brexit will lead to Scottish independence and the break-up of the UK, according to the findings of a new polling commissioned by HOPE not hate.

11/08/2019 - Nick Lowles
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Ten years on from electoral success, the BNP has never recovered

What determines how former and the few current remaining BNP members feel about the electoral process since the BNP’s demise in 2010 would tend to be determined by how much weight the great conspiracies against parliamentary democracy

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‘Free Tommy’ demo for jailbird sees nazi support

Ex-member of neo-nazi terror group “looking forward” to ‘Free Tommy’ demo.

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