Fransen jumps into bed with Nazi pornographer

We have no sympathies for the far right, but often even we cock our heads when hearing something that makes us question how, even for…

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Richard Edmonds: A life of hatred that shall not be mourned

The death of Richard Edmonds last week brings almost to a close the chapter of a generation of fascists and National Socialists that built and…

30/12/2020 - Matthew Collins
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Nasty Nick may be back, but it’s the same old dirty and tired trick.

It’s been three months since former MEP and deposed leader of the British National Party (BNP) Nick Griffin made his anticipated and supremely unspectacular return…

14/12/2020 - Matthew Collins
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Britain First: Living with a ‘nightmare’

Last week Britain First leader Paul Golding issued another of his unbelievable begging videos. It was unbelievable in the true sense; it was just too…

07/12/2020 - Matthew Collins
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