Leeds’ ‘Little Tommy’ looks to follow his leader

It seems the Stephen Yaxley-Lennon Fan Club has found its #1 devotee. Stepping up to the podium is Leeds’ Adam McDonagh, a sort of Little…

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Far-right round up

Well, it was three years to the day yesterday since the mighty National Action cowered inside the left luggage at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station. Oh,…

16/08/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Have even the dead tired of the BNP?

It seems almost an age since the British National Party (BNP) presented an electoral threat. With one million votes in 2009, the party accrued 60…

07/08/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Whatever happened to… Part IX

As part of an irregular series, I am minded to look back at what has happened to some of our favourite fascists. Nazi gigs First…

02/08/2018 - Matthew Collins
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