Far Right Round Up

The Booker Prize judges are no doubt on high alert awaiting publication of Eddie Stampton‘s autobiography. A Nazi Piece of Work will recall Unsteady Eddie’s…

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Whatever happened to… Part X

It’s been a long while (well, about eleven months) since we have written about the adventures of faux UVF man Tommy Law. Law has been…

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Down, out and denounced

Some good news for the British Nazi movement with the release from prison of Jeremy Bedford Turner, who was jailed for twelve months earlier this…

26/11/2018 - Matthew Collins
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Sellers slip-up reveals Manchester marketeer’s far right sympathies

For someone who makes her living from social media advertising design, Manchester’s Rachel Sellers displays remarkable ignorance of how Facebook works. Sellers runs M33 Marketing…

21/11/2018 - Duncan Cahill
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