Mass demonstration in Budapest against Orbán’s racist ‘national consultation’

Thousands of Roma and non-Roma marched in solidarity against the racism and hate-mongering of Viktor Orbán, calling for justice in the Gyöngyöspata case and insisting…

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Anti-fascists rally against neo-Nazi ‘Day of disHonour’ in Budapest

Many Roma demonstrators were visible among hundreds of anti-fascists who protested noisily to disrupt the neo-Nazi ‘Day of Honour’ gathering in Budapest. Every year, far-right…

10/02/2020 - Bernard Rorke
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Matteo Salvini
EU closes anti-Roma discrimination case

As crisis over racism deepens in Italy, EU closes anti-Roma discrimination case. By Bernard Rorke Just as the shocking depth of racism in Italy has…

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Ireland and its contradictory welcomes

The far right in recent Irish history has had little success in either street or electoral mobilization, write Thom Barry and Matthew Collins. How big…

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