Neo-Nazi mob attack Auróra Jewish centre in Hungary

Bernard Rorke reports on the violent attack on the Auróra centre in Budapest. Yesterday’s commemorations of the Hungarian 1956 revolution were marred by yet another…

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Poland’s Election: A Dangerous Development?

With the far right making gains and losses in the Polish elections, Simon Murdoch spoke with Rafal Pankowski, co-founder of Poland’s leading anti-racist organisation Never Again to understand the challenges facing the nation.

18/10/2019 - Simon Murdoch
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“We will take this city back to Europe!” Fidesz takes a beating in Budapest

Hungary’s combined opposition parties scored a stunning victory against the far right Fidesz in Sunday’s municipal elections. Bernard Rorke reports on a bad night for…

15/10/2019 - Bernard Rorke
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Tolerating intolerance: Far-right activists and libertarians converge in Turkey

An international libertarian conference highlights the movement’s overlaps with the far right

13/09/2019 - Patrik Hermansson
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