Tolerating intolerance: Far-right activists and libertarians converge in Turkey

An international libertarian conference highlights the movement’s overlaps with the far right

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German Far Right MEP is employed by London University

According to its website, SOAS (School of Oriental and Asian Studies) is the “the leading Higher Education institution in Europe specialising in the study of…

05/09/2019 - Matthew Collins
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Rights body condemns Salvini’s latest move on Italy’s Roma as a ‘flagrant human rights violation’

Matteo Salvini spells danger for Italy’s Roma, reports Bernard Rorke. Matteo Salvini’s renewed assault on the Roma in Italy, condemned as shameful in the European…

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Long hot summer: Hungary’s fascists target Roma communities

By Bernard Rorke The latest stirrings from the far-right in Hungary make it clear that anti-Roma racism is back on the agenda – not least…

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