The antisemitism crisis of Labour’s own making

The fact that Labour is tainted by antisemitism during this election is a problem of its own making, writes Nick Lowles. The release of a…

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Tory candidate repeatedly promoted views of far right activists

The Tory candidate for Lincoln should be suspended, writes Nick Lowles, after HOPE not hate reveals he repeatedly promoted views of far right activists There’s…

24/11/2019 - Nick Lowles
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Chris Williamson
Chris Williamson’s independent run in Derby North

Chris Williamson made Labour’s antisemitism problem worse, and he deserves to lose his seat in Parliament. HOPE not hate will help make that happen, writes…

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a picture of Nigel Farage with copy which says "" Dangerous. Divisive. Don't let him win."
HOPE not hate’s role in this election

The dangerous and divisive Brexit Party will be our focus in this campaign, writes Nick Lowles, but we will call out hate wherever it shows…

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