Lest We Forget

Today we remember all those who have given their lives in war and conflict around the world. Millions of people, from all races, religions and…

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Stephen Lennon has a criminal conviction for entering the US illegally.
Six reasons why Stephen Lennon might well be allowed to get into the US

Right wing Members of Congress have invited Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) to a major event in Washington DC. If he’s allowed in, it could…

28/10/2018 - Nick Lowles
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Explaining MRP

We have arrived at the new constituency estimates for Remain/Leave voters using a statistical method called Multi-level regression with poststratification (MRP), which has been undertaken…

12/08/2018 - Nick Lowles
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The British are turning their backs on Brexit

More than 100 seats that backed Brexit (many in Labour leave areas) now want to stay in the EU The British public is changing its…

12/08/2018 - Nick Lowles
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