Boris Johnson’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit risks the break-up of the UK

A majority of Scots think that a ‘no-deal’ Brexit will lead to Scottish independence and the break-up of the UK, according to the findings of a new polling commissioned by HOPE not hate.

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Panorama: Labour’s antisemitism shame

Nick Lowles reacts to Panorama: “Too many people have confused loyalty to a project and a person with loyalty to enduring values.” Tonight’s Panorama programme…

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Equality and Human Rights Commission logo
Labour Party Antisemitism

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has announced it is formally investigating the Labour party to determine if the party has acted unlawfully in…

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Youth vote has decisive role in the Euro elections

Nick Lowles says the European elections will be so close that young voters can have a decisive role in stopping extreme candidates getting in. HOPE…

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