2019: a year of threats, but also a year of promise

I can’t remember beginning a year with such trepidation. We’re planning a lot research, analysis and campaigns, because the threat we face is on the…

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EXPOSED: far right attempts to hijack Brexit debate threaten to turn violent

The appalling abuse faced by Anna Soubry MP, Sky News presenter Kay Burley and campaigning journalist Owen Jones is simply the latest set of incidents…

08/01/2019 - Nick Lowles
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a picture of the British and EU flag meshed together in the middle
After two years of failing to sort out Brexit, another solution has to be found

Read the exclusive YouGov poll commissioned by Best for Britain and HOPE not hate which shows that 64% of the public, with Parliament deadlocked, now…

21/12/2018 - Nick Lowles
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Politicians fear a Brexit backlash, but are they right?

Theresa May is the latest politician to warn that pausing or even attempting to reverse Brexit will cause a huge backlash. Others have said that…

17/12/2018 - Nick Lowles
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