Institutional racism in Britain today

Today the Government released the report of their independent review of race and ethnic disparities, commissioned in the wake of last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests….

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New poll: voters don’t want UK trade deals with countries who commit genocide

Ahead of an expected government attempt to block a vote on the Genocide amendment of the Trade Bill tonight, and backbench attempts to force it,…

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Coronavirus: the state of the nation
Everyone’s been hit hard. BAME communities have been hit hardest.

Looking ahead to next week’s budget, Rosie Carter reveals new polling which highlights how BAME communities have taken the biggest economic hit during the COVID…

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Coronavirus: the state of the nation
Vaccine hesitancy: why it is happening and what we can do about it

Since the initial outbreak of coronavirus, the impact has been disproportionate for Black and ethnic minority Britons. While the vaccine rollout has so far offered…

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