The English Nazi behind the Scottish far-right protest group

This month a ‘new’ far-right group has sprung to the attention of people in Scotland. The National Defence League (NDL) has made an immediate name…

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The Confucius of Chingford? New UKIP leader’s bizarre CV raises many questions.

Who is Freddy Vachha? Yesterday, UKIP posted a strange video of their new leader giving a rambling speech by the statue of Winston Churchill in…

23/06/2020 - Gregory Davis
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Coronavirus and the far right

As we are approaching the end of the ninth week of the lockdown the far right has started to turn their eyes towards other issues…

29/05/2020 - Right Response Team
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John Kitson and Jason Liosatos: Anti- 5G activists in Totnes hold deeply antisemitic views.

HOPE not hate recently published a blog on anti-5G Facebook groups, revealing that such groups were riddled with antisemitic tropes and conspiracies. The report warned…

30/04/2020 - Gregory Davis
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