When we look back on this crisis it will be as a human one, not a Chinese one

Writing exclusively for HOPE not hate, Sarah Owen MP says it is time for leaders to take a stand against the rise in racism aimed…

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Coronavirus: the state of the nation
CORONAVIRUS POLLING: Brits are divided over the government’s Coronavirus response

The HOPE not hate Charitable Trust has published the first in a series of new polls on the Coronavirus crisis which uncovers a crisis of…

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Alice Cutter: Tears and hatred
Nazi terrorists jailed

Last week the total of National Action members imprisoned for membership of the banned group rose again with four members of the group jailed at…

23/03/2020 - Matthew Collins
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My Grandfather’s Holocaust Story Reminds Me Never To Hate

‘I implore you not to hate.’ These are the words that I carry with me. They help to define my politics. They are the words…

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