It’s Plain To See The Tories Don’t Want To Tackle Islamophobia

The nasty and offensive Islamophobia unveiled this week is yet another example of the anti-Muslim prejudice that is widespread in the Conservative Party but which…

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Far-right round up

Hardly surprising news that Oliver Bel is threatening to sue us over yesterday’s blog. The Hitler admiring Jew-hater feels he may suffer “reputational damage” from…

13/11/2019 - Matthew Collins
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Meet the Cambridge graduate who loves Hitler and hates Jews

Back in 2017 Oliver Bel never thought his hate-filled communications on the far-right extremist Iron March forum would ever see the light of day. Manchester…

12/11/2019 - Matthew Collins
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a picture of Nigel Farage with copy which says "" Dangerous. Divisive. Don't let him win."
Farage’s support for the Tories increases the threat from the Brexit Party

The Brexit Party will pour resources into winning seats in the north. We have to stop them from gaining a foothold in Parliament, writes Matthew…

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