Labour and the EHRC: the impact on Jewish people

Ahead of the publication of the EHRC’s investigation of how the Labour Party handled allegations of antisemitism, HOPE not hate’s Deputy Director Jemma Levene shares…

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Labour and the EHRC: How did it get to here?

28 May 2019. The day that brought shame to mainstream British politics when the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched a statutory investigation into the Labour…

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Patriotic Alternative: Uniting the Fascist Right?

Our new report examines the fascist group Patriotic Alternative and their extremist beliefs, gives profiles of its leaders and a member with an extreme past, and considers their possible trajectory and the infighting that is already hampering them.

17/08/2020 - Simon Murdoch
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Man accused of Halle terror attack partly inspired by Generation Identity

The ongoing trial of the Halle attacker reveals the accused supported GI’s ideas and would have joined the group but thought non-violence didn’t work.

22/07/2020 - Simon Murdoch
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