Reviewing 2019

Today, the UK woke up to a man who said, “Islam is the problem”, mocked veiled women and denied the systemic anti-Muslim hate in his…

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How NOT to interview an extremist

Ill-prepared interviewers run the risk of lending legitimacy to fringe voices. With a party, known for persistent Islamophobia within its ranks, winning a majority today,…

13/12/2019 - Gregory Davis
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The antisemitism crisis of Labour’s own making

The fact that Labour is tainted by antisemitism during this election is a problem of its own making, writes Nick Lowles. The release of a…

09/12/2019 - Nick Lowles
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Divide and Conquer… the vote?

Tensions between British Muslims and Hindus have been stoked during the current election season through WhatsApp propaganda aimed at British Indians. The UK arm of…

29/11/2019 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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