Our response to the Draft Online Safety Bill

While the draft bill includes much that we welcome, we are increasingly concerned that this crucial bill is being dragged into the ongoing culture war in a way that could dangerously undermine its effectiveness.

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Islamophobia in the Conservative Party
Tory Islamophobia: Our Response To The Singh Investigation

Islamophobia in the Conservative Party runs much deeper than just a few case studies in the Singh report. HOPE not hate says the party must do much more to tackle deep-seated and institutional anti-Muslim prejudice.

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Nazi exposed by HOPE not hate found guilty

Former Cambridge student and neo-nazi sympathiser Oliver Bel has been found guilty of a terror offence, after being caught in possession of a bomb-making manual.

22/04/2021 - Matthew Collins
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Government misses opportunity to proscribe Order of Nine Angles

While the ban against US neo-nazi group The Atomwaffen Division is welcome, the UK government has failed once again to proscribe the dangerous nazi-occult group, the Order of Nine Angles.

19/04/2021 - Nick Lowles
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