Generation Identity under pressure as Austria charges 17 using mafia laws

State prosecutors in Austria announced this week that they were pressing criminal charges against 17 members of the Identitarian movement, the far-right network which has…

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“We’ve all been obliterated”

In a dismal night for UKIP, HOPE won over hate in areas across the UK, including towns like Dudley where our volunteers have long campaigned. …

04/05/2018 - Lucy Adams
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The voter ID fiasco as it happened

For several months HOPE not hate has been running a campaign across the capital to engage Londoners in the local elections. In our target boroughs…

04/05/2018 - Elisabeth Pop
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Muslim dress restrictions pushed by far right across Europe

Far-right political parties have played a major role in restricting Muslim women’s religious dress across Europe, but most legislation impacting Muslim women’s clothing has actually…

25/04/2018 - Safya Khan-Ruf
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