Patriotic Alternative: Uniting the Fascist Right?

Our new report examines the fascist group Patriotic Alternative and their extremist beliefs, gives profiles of its leaders and a member with an extreme past, and considers their possible trajectory and the infighting that is already hampering them.

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From Banners To Bullets: The International Identitarian Movement

“From Banners to Bullets” is a new comprehensive report from HOPE not hate which lifts the lid on the secretive Identitarian movement, what they believe,…

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The National Conversation on Immigration

Immigration has remained one of the most salient and divisive issues for the public in recent years, and a factor in many voters’ decisions in…

17/09/2018 - Rosie Carter
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National Front boss complains we’re making them look silly

The leader of the National Front (NF) in Wales, has complained that HOPE not hate is making Britain’s fascists and Nazis look “silly”. Adam Lloyd,…

12/08/2017 - Matthew Collins
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