No, the mosques aren’t open.

Viral misinformation In the last few days, three UK police forces have taken to social media to refute fake news being spread about Muslims supposedly…

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Coronavirus and the far right
COVID-19 & The Far Right: Emerging Narratives

The far right have traditionally benefited from disasters. Their tactics rely on persuading people that something – land, wealth, identity – has been unjustly stolen…

31/03/2020 - Gregory Davis
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Revealed: New evidence of Islamophobia among Conservative Party officials and activists

Throughout 2019 there was a steady flow of allegations made against Conservative Party councillors, activists and members which, when viewed alongside the polling of members…

02/03/2020 - Gregory Davis
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Terror in Hanau

The suspected killer also took his own life and the life of his 72-year old mother at his home. Five others have been injured. Police…

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