The woeful state of UKIP in Wales

Despite being thoroughly tainted by bigotry, incompetence and internecine struggles, the party is limping on under the leadership of disgraced former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton.

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Who is Anne Marie Waters?

How did an ex-Labour activist and feminist become a high-profile anti-Muslim activist at the head of a far-right party? We lift the lid on the strange story of Anne Marie Waters.

30/04/2021 - David Lawrence
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For Britain, the BNP and Epping Forest: A History

The anti-Muslim For Britain Movement, which is standing 60 council candidates on 6 May, continues to deny that it is “far right”, despite having been…

28/04/2021 - David Lawrence
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Reform UK: cranks and bigots back on the ballot

Once again, the rebadged Brexit Party is standing cranks and bigots for election, despite charging prospective candidates a “vetting fee”.

26/04/2021 - Gregory Davis
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