New Report: Alternative for Germany and far-right networks on Telegram and Facebook

As mainstream social media firms remove more far right actors from their platforms, many are looking for alternative channels. HOPE not hate’s Patrik Hermansson summarises…

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This is why they took the knee

Initial data analysis of social media accounts by HOPE not hate shows a massive spike in racist aimed at Black footballers following last night’s Euro Championship final.

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Batley and Spen by-election: candidate briefing

Various far-right and other divisive candidates are flocking to contest a by-election in Jo Cox’s old parliamentary seat of Batley and Spen, cynically seeking to exploit tensions and raise their profiles.

07/06/2021 - Right Response Team
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Our response to the Draft Online Safety Bill

While the draft bill includes much that we welcome, we are increasingly concerned that this crucial bill is being dragged into the ongoing culture war in a way that could dangerously undermine its effectiveness.

07/06/2021 - Joe Mulhall
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