Eve of Rochdale game loan deal signed by deputy leader Fransen

Edge (left) Drove even Farage to the fags and drink


It would appear the transfer window does not apply to just football clubs. No, even the naughty, nutty, neo-Nazis like to jump from one disastrous ship to another every now and then. Sometimes, like football, it is just a loan move with a view to something more permanent. Or not.

Like most loan deals (if you are a Palace fan) these normally end in disaster. And although we are very excited at Selhurst Park about the arrival of Mr Loftus-Cheek, I bet that is nothing compared to the excitement over at Britain First with the imminent arrival to their ranks of the one and only Andrew Edge.

Yes, the perennial and now toothless Stockport-based plonker has held the usual high brow talks with Britain First’s assistant squeeze Jayda Fransen, and we can confirm that Edge will be attending as a “fellow patriot” Britain First’s shit-shuffle in Rochdale this weekend.

Fransen’s decision to allow Edge to join up with Britain First is probably in no small way due to the group’s disastrous recent foray into the international market, where their expensive talent flopped at even getting into the country, again.

Luckily for Britain First, Edge has volunteered his services for this weekend to the struggling party. And not just his own services; Edge, who famously shouted “you’ve done nothing for the cricket people” whilst trying to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during the recent election, has also offered the services of his mate John Banks who like Edge, is considered a bit of a wally.

Fransen and Golding desperately searching the web for more supporters.

Whether this is a loss for the English Defence League remains to be seen. Southampton fans may recall when they signed who they thought was George Weah’s cousin.

Edge can probably better that; he formed an EDL splinter group a couple of years ago to complain about the excessive amount of drinking at EDL demonstrations. He turned up to the new group’s first demonstration so drunk it had to be cancelled!